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Tom Cruise They're famous. They're popular. They're beautiful.
And people like to fantasize about being them,
or being with them.
Ryan Phillippe You sit in the dark, popcorn in hand, and watch them
on the big screen. Sometimes you fantasize about the stars,
and sometimes about the characters in the film.
Justin Timberlake There's just something about a bunch of cute guys touring together—rehearsing, performing, sharing a bus, sleeping together in hotel rooms—that gets people's imaginations going.
David Boreanaz Have you ever watched a show and wished you were the one writing the script, making the characters speak and act? The people who write these stories have too.
Jacob Young

You watch him day after day, through good times and bad, going from from one wrong woman to another. But you know who would be just perfect for him, who would make him happy.
Jenson Ackles

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